Mr. Confuse - Only A Man
Mr. Confuse - Only A Man
Mr. Confuse - Do You Realize
Mr. Confuse - Do You Realize
Mr. Confuse - Feel The Fire
Mr. Confuse - Feel The Fire
Mr. Confuse - Feel The Fire - The Remixes
Mr. Confuse - Feel The Fire - The Remixes
Mr. Confuse - Feel The Fire - Live
Mr. Confuse - Feel The Fire - Live
Mr. Konfuze & Lunatic - On The Beatbox
Mr. Konfuze & Lunatic - On The Beatbox

Only A Man

| October 4th, 2018 | posted in Albums

2LP | CD | album digital release

Confunktion Records own Mr. Confuse returns with his fifth studio album “Only A Man”.

This album is about the depths of Mr. Confuse and therefore a very personal album in a way. From well-known soul topics of love and hate to social issues of modern life – this album is all about an odyssey through time, rhythm and music.

Only A Man - Cover











01 Only A Man feat. Dan Salem
02 Same Old Game feat. Leo Will
03 Against All Odds
04 Let The Music Play feat. Manoo
05 Only Rainbows feat. Dan Salem
06 Can’t Be No Crime feat. Rick
07 Fast Lane
08 Gain Station
09 Rush Zone
10 The Turnaround
11 The Modern Way feat. Dan Salem
12 Cranberry Dream feat. Elaine Thomas


Do You Realize – The Remixes

| April 5th, 2013 | posted in Albums

2x 12inch | album digital release

Mr. Confuse has done it again in true style. Following the release of his second album „Do You Realize“ the North German DJ, producer and composer delivers a full length Remix-Album of “Do You Realize” with a stunning roster of international remixers who each had their personal take on one of the tracks from the album. The result is a diversified bag full of dance floor goodies, ranging from Electro Funk to Ghetto Funk, from Electronic Bossa to Funky Breaks and Jazzy Breakbeat.

Do You Realize - The Remixes - CoverTracklist

01 We Gonna Bring The Funk To You (Daytoner Remix)
02 Catch Me (Smoove Remix)
03 Hold On (Funkanomics Remix)
04 Boogie Down (Funkmaster Ozone Remix)
05 Why Can’t You See Me (The Uptown Felaz Remix)
06 Let’s Get The Feeling (Afternoons In Stereo Remix)
07 Do You Realize (Dr Rubberfunk Remix)
08 I Know Your Love Is True (Lack Of Afro Remix)
09 Big Livin’ (Przasnik Remix)
10 Too Hot (Salem & Bastino Remix)
11 Cool Smooth Waters (Tom Eno Remix)
12 Man Made (Dublex Inc. Remix) (more…)

Do You Realize

| April 13th, 2012 | posted in Albums

DLP | CD | digital release

‘Do You Realize’ is the question which Mr. Confuse asks on his second full length album. With nearly three years in the making after the debut ‘Feel The Fire’ it comes as a massive plea for the power of funk. ‘Do You Realize’ is about being true to the groove, carries strong lyrical statements while touching political matters as well as social issues in its clever and heartfelt lyrics but is first and foremost, of course, about being real.

Do You Realize - 2LP

01 We Gonna Bring The Funk To You – feat. Dan Salem
02 Catch Me – feat. Dan Salem
03 Big Livin’ – feat. Lady EmZ
04 Boogie Down – feat. Benjie
05 Let’s Get The Feeling – feat. Elaine Thomas
06 Never Let The Rhythm Go – feat. Georgie B.
07 Do You Realize – feat. Marc Figge
08 Man Made – feat. Dan Salem
09 I Know Your Love Is True – feat. Dan Salem
10 Hold On – feat. Dan Salem
11 Why Can’t You See Me – feat. Elaine Thomas
12 Too Hot – feat. Elaine Thomas and Dan Salem
13 Cool Smooth Waters – feat. Elaine Thomas (more…)

Mr. Konfuze & Lunatic – On The Beatbox

| November 29th, 2010 | posted in Albums | Production

Mr. Konfuze & Lunatic - On The Beatbox - cover frontFollowing their successful debut EP ‘Mr. Konfuze & Lunatic’ are now releasing their first full length LP: ‘On The Beatbox’. It features all previously released songs plus 9 totally new tracks on double vinyl.

Knowing their three preceding releases you know what to expect and if you don’t just take a look at the cover to know where we are heading. From block-rockin’-partyfunk to electro-boogie this album is features 12 dancefloor shureshots. Through the whole album you get breakbeats and chopped up samples galore, scratches and live instrumentation from original Hammond organ to funky saxophone, flute, synths, piano and  percussion.

Both, Mr. Konfuze and Lunatic are DJing for more than 10 years and know exactly how dancefloors works. You can get a taste of that throughout the whole Album. Nova Gain Records “The home of soulful refunked beats and breaks!” (more…)

Feel The Fire – The Remixes

| June 12th, 2009 | posted in Albums

digital release

During the last 12 months Mr. Confuse received some extra-ordinary feedback from like-minded producers, musicians and DJs. These reactions led to the idea of having “Feel The Fire”completely remixed. Now the job is done and here it is: “Feel The Fire: The Remixes” is available as download album only.


01 Feel The Fire (Smoove Remix)
02 Hurricane Jane (Daytoner Remix)
03 Balkan Funk (Ed Royal Remix)
04 Lookout Weelkend (Lack Of Afro Deep Funk Mix)
05 Groovin’ On The Spot (Mash & Munkee Remix)
06 The Groove Merchant (Uptown Felaz Remix)
07 Imóvel (Rephrase Remix)
08 It’s Just A Blues (Thomas Blondet Remix)
09 Lay It Down (JetTricks Remix)
10 En Movimiento (Una Mas Trio Remix)
11 The Arrrgh Theme (Alan De Laniere Remix)
12 Do It Right Now (AIFF Remix)
13 Going Somewhere (ALVO Remix)

Enjoy and read who is on board. (more…)

Feel The Fire – LIVE

| October 8th, 2008 | posted in Albums

Feel The Fire - LIVEThis CD is a live cut from the release party of ‘Feel The Fire’, the debut solo album by producer, arranger, composer and DJ Mr. Confuse. The release of the album was celebrated with a big party on 27th of September 2008. The party was featured by the Mr. Confuse & The Confusers band – a 13-headed funk-band with a heavy horn section. The gig was performed at the Mephisto Club in Hannover Germany. ‘Feel The Fire LIVE’ is the recording of this release concert.
The CD features all songs of ‘Feel The Fire’ as live versions and includes the live music video of ‘Lookout Weekend’. (more…)

Feel The Fire

| September 19th, 2008 | posted in Albums

DLP | CD | digital release

Mr. Confuse is a traveller between the styles. „Feel The Fire“ is the debut solo album by the producer, arranger, composer and DJ from Hannover Germany. Collecting 14 tracks on his album Mr. Confuse takes us on an excursion from HipHop to Afro, Electro and Latin back to Funk. „Feel The Fire“ comes as an organic statement for the analogue link between HipHop and Funk as well as an authentic and up-to-date plea for the original brass arrangements in the Funk and Jazz music of the 70s.

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01 Hurricane Jane (Introduction)
02 Lookout Weekend feat. Inna Vysotska
03 Going Somewhere
04 Balkan Funk
05 It’s Just A Blues feat. Lady Emz
06 Do It Right Now
07 Lay it Down
08 Feel The Fire
09 En Movimiento
10 Groovin’ On The Spot
11 The Groove Merchant
12 When I Hear Music feat. Inna Vysotska
13 Imóvel
14 The Arrrgh Theme (Outroduction) (more…)