Mr. Confuse - Only A Man
Mr. Confuse - Only A Man
Mr. Confuse - Do You Realize
Mr. Confuse - Do You Realize
Mr. Confuse - Feel The Fire
Mr. Confuse - Feel The Fire
Mr. Confuse - Feel The Fire - The Remixes
Mr. Confuse - Feel The Fire - The Remixes
Mr. Confuse - Feel The Fire - Live
Mr. Confuse - Feel The Fire - Live
Mr. Konfuze & Lunatic - On The Beatbox
Mr. Konfuze & Lunatic - On The Beatbox

Too Hot / Why Can’t You See Me

| October 10th, 2011 | posted in 7inches

Mr. Confuse - Too Hot / Why Can't You See Me - CoverFollowing hot on the heels of „Catch Me“, the first 7inch vinyl taken from Mr. Confuse’s second longplayer „Do You Realize“, „Too Hot“ features guest vocalists Elaine Thomas and Dan Salem.

„Too Hot“, an irresistible mover fuelled with the spirit of classic R&B thanks to the brilliant duet of Dan Salem and Elaine Thomas, is backed by an up-to-date HipHop groove. On the flipside you will find the mighty conscious and soulful „Why Can’t You See Me“ feat. Mrs Elaine Thomas again – YEAH, SOUL MUSIC – That’s What I Like!

This single will be released in a strictly limited edition of 300 copies and comes in beautiful hand numbered, silkscreen printed sleeves. (more…)

Catch Me / Catch Me (Smoove Remix)

| September 5th, 2011 | posted in 7inches

Mr. Confuse - Catch Me / Catch Me (Smoove Remix) - coverMr. Confuse is ready to go! „Catch Me“ is the first preview of his upcoming, second full length album „Do You Realize“ due to hit the streets in September 2011.
Exclusively available on 7inch vinyl only for a limited period “Catch Me“ really catches your ear with an irresistible melody and distinctive vocals. All based on a grounding of groove – a mighty bassline, funky guitar and driving Hammond organ will also “catch” your feet.

Turn over from the original version, Newcastle’s own Smoove (Jalapeno Records) takes over on “Catch Me” and you will surely groove along to a gritty, deep Northern Funk stepper.

This single will be released in a strictly limited edition of 300 copies and comes in beautiful hand numbered, silkscreen printed sleeves. (more…)

Tombee - Strike Up The Band (Mr. Konfuze & Lunatic Remix) - Side BTombee is back with his 4th release on Jack to Phono with Strike Up The Band. Hailing from Newcastle (home of the Brown) DJ, producer and film-maker Tombee often describes his sound as Folk-Hop. The definition of Folk music, if you look it up, is music handed down from generation to generation, which when considering the beats interwoven and flipped here, kinda makes sense…

This time Tombee teams up with Mr. Konfuze & Lunatic, Tom Eno and Winter North Atlantic to create one eclectic download and remix package! From a dancefloor friendly party vibe to the ambiance of Winter North Atlantic. (more…)

Hurricane Jane (Daytoner Remix)

| May 9th, 2011 | posted in 7inches | Compilations
Mr. Confuse - Hurricane Jane (Daytoner Remix) - cover

Hurricane Jane - Daytoner Remix

Here it is, Volume 5 in the Club Tikka 7inch series. Do you to popular demand we put Daytoner’s mighty glam funk workout of Mr. Confuse’s „Hurricance Jane“ from his Légère Recordings download album „Feel The Fire: The Remixes“ on the A-side of this very limited vinyl edition.

Turn the single over and you will find Daytoner & DJ Benz’s much talked-about South-England lowrider bossa groove, better known as „Benz Bargain Bin Bossa“ in its full physical beauty. This will not be available as digital download, so grab it while you can. (more…)

Mr. Konfuze & Lunatic - Don't Wanna Lose It - EP - Cover‘Mr. Konfuze & Lunatic’ as known from ‘Manmade Feature Funk’ and for their sureshot track ‘On The Beatbox’ come again with their first extended player! Employing the original techniques and artform of sampling they bring the bomb track ‘Don’t Wanna Lose it’ in two different versions for your dancing pleasure.

Mixing uplifting disco piano, slamming breakbeats, electro-synth, funky rhodes, and pop vocals to create a catchy sound chopped up ‘inna HipHop style’ – familiar to anybody and outstanding at the same time.

On the flipside you get the masterminds of Manmade Records ‘CMC & Silenta’ remixing the previously released track ‘Rock Da Freak’ in their own funky manner into a song of it’s own. (more…)

Nova Gain – EP 002

| February 20th, 2010 | posted in 12inches | Production

Nova Gain - EP 002

Mr. Konfuze has done it again!

Checking out some of the nicest grooves beyond funk, soul, popcorn and vintage R&B Nova Gain Records unleashes four big, gritty and unresistable tracks to the world of vinyl lovers out there.

A1 Mr. Konfuze “That Cat Named Mickey”
A2 Mr. Konfuze “Set Me Free”

B1 Mr. Konfuze “Money Inc”
B2 Mr. Konfuze & Lunatic “On The Beatbox” (more…)

Mr. Confuse - The Groove Merchant (The Uptown Felaz Remix)

The Groove Merchant (TUF Remix)

This new Shiftin’ Gears 12″ features four great dancefloor oriented remixes by label owners The Uptown Felaz! Popular local (Irie Maffia, Kerekes Band) & international artist’s (Mr. Confuse, Kokolo) tunes were rethought by the band, the musical style is the usual funkbreak spiced with some world music & breakbeat.

The second track remixed on side A is The Groove Merchant, a great funk track by german artist Mr. Confuse. Already released digitally on his remix album (Feel The Fire – The Remixes – LEGO018) but thanks to the enormous number of downloads the label was kind enough to allow us to release this rework on vinyl as well! (more…)

Manmade Feature Funk Vol 4

Here we go again… Feature Funk Vol.4 is now ready to devastate dancefloors all over the funky planet. Showcasing new artists plus an all too well known producer on this release. We have spread the range of music genres again on this one, from breaks to house but always with our unique funkin’ flavour. Let it spin!

On the flip you´ll find a funk based breaks tune from Mr.Konfuze & Lunatic. “Rock da Freak”. Working its magic on every funky dancefloor and getting the crowds wanting more. A catchy bassline, rocking drum sequence combined with smooth vocals sets this tune on fire. (more…)

Regrooved Series IX - Goodgroove Records

Regrooved Series IX - Goodgroove Records

In the true spirit of the Regrooved Series this release brings a real mixture, the cream of Europe’s funk breaks producers and a diverse array of soul, latin and funk. First up is Umbo & Balatz Croatia’s finest funky breaks duo, “Groove On” features the live horns of Jaksa Jordes a true funk soul brother! Next up is a new name to the scene but one that will soon be well known – Funktomas with How G Is The Party, a big sampling monster. Mr Confuse graces the label with a classic funk soul track layered under UK vocalist by Georgie B. Finally The Captain aka Fab Samperi is not only found on Resense and Afro Art now to be found on Goodgroove, the bossa beats are here. Infectious believe! (more…)


| May 4th, 2009 | posted in 12inches

“Imóvel” is the third 12” release from Mr. Confuse’s debut album “Feel The Fire” and it is a winner!

The biggest remix package so far as well as the widest range of styles spread over 6 tracks, that is this 12” vinyl for you. Following the original version of the album highlight “Imóvel” the Australian ambassador of funky styles, better known as Rephrase, drops a mighty Drum ’n’ Bass work-out. US electro-dub specialist Thomas Blondet of “Rhythm And Culture Recordings” follows this with a remix of the album ballad “It’s A Just Blues” with a mighty speeded-up version heading straight towards the dancefloor. (more…)