Mr. Confuse - Do You Realize - The Remixes
Mr. Confuse - Do You Realize - The Remixes
Mr. Confuse - Do You Realize
Mr. Confuse - Do You Realize
Mr. Confuse - Feel The Fire
Mr. Confuse - Feel The Fire
Mr. Confuse - Feel The Fire - The Remixes
Mr. Confuse - Feel The Fire - The Remixes
Mr. Confuse - Feel The Fire - Live
Mr. Confuse - Feel The Fire - Live
Mr. Konfuze & Lunatic - On The Beatbox
Mr. Konfuze & Lunatic - On The Beatbox

Breakout – Planet Rock – EP

| November 1st, 2006 | posted in 12inches | Production
Breakout - Planet Rock - EP - Cover

Breakout - Planet Rock - EP

Breakout’s 12Inch version of ‘Planet Rock’. Including ‘Planet Rock pt. 1 & 2′, plus a brandnew jazz version, the Bonusbeats and a new track written by breakout! Don’t stop the planet rock!

Produced by Mr. Confuse, Info & Kova

As played by everybody from Gilles Peterson to Afrika Bambaataa plus tons of other high class djs worldwide.

So here you get the 12″ version with Pt.1 & Pt.2 mixed into one plus Bonusbeats & a radical new Jazz Remix! “Planet Rock (Jazz)” is a rework by the Breakout crew themselves. Jazzed out to the max and complete with gypsy strings and flute (again all played live and chopped later) this is the perfect version for “after the dance”.  Plus there is a bonus track called “Planet Funk”.

P.S.: Don’t miss track No. 3 It’s not another mix but a bonus track. (more…)

Kidcut Vs. Breakout

| October 21st, 2006 | posted in Compilations | Production

Kidcut Vs. Breakout - Cover frontOn this mixed compilation DJ KidCut mixes six tracks by Breakout (produced by Mr. Confuse, Info & Kova).

The CD was produced as promo give-away of the FIAT FreestyleTeam with DJ KidCut for the International Battle Of The Year 2006 in Braunschweig .

The compilation is hoted by german rapper Spax who also did the artwork for it as “The Pixmillioncolorman”. (more…)

One Take Tapes – Interview with Breakout

| October 14th, 2006 | posted in Reviews
One Take Tapes - Interview with Breakout (Mr. Confuse, Info & Kova)

One Take Tapes

Abstract of the Breakout (Mr. Confuse, Info & Kova) interview with One Take Tapes from 14th, October 2006.

Where you come from?
We are all born and raised in the city of Hannover/ Germany.

Some words about your Home Town Hanover
We think that there is a very good structure of talented musicians in Hanover. We have been working with a lot of different musicians lately. No matter which style (jazz, funk, hip hop, balkan, classic) in our eyes Hanover offers great influences. Also, the dj-scene is strong here. There are good people representing the styles and there is space for good things in a very fluctuating club scene these days. . We starting a new monthly venue called “Grandezza” ourselves at a new club called “Apollo Konzept” in November. (more…)

Breakout – Planet Rock Pt. 1 & 2

| September 8th, 2006 | posted in 7inches | Production
Breakout - Planet Rock pt. 1 - cover

Breakout - Planet Rock pt. 1 & 2

This is the cover version of ‘Planet Rock’ by Mr. Confuse. In 2006 he did this cover of the original by Afrika Bambaataa with his first music project called “Breakout”.

Produced by Mr. Confuse, Info & Kova

The Return of “Planet Rock”!

Breakout are bringing back “Planet Rock”, the 80´s electro-funk classic party track, in a rough ‘n’ rugged  60’s funk version. The original version by the Godfather of Hip Hop Afrika Bambaataa was the groundbreaking track for many Hip Hop, House & Electro listeners around the world. (more…)

Brazilectro Session 8

| July 28th, 2006 | posted in Brazilectro

Brazilectro 8 - Cover frontBreakout’s track track ‘Moonlight Bossa (Nova Version)’

produced by Mr. Confuse, Info & Kova

got compiled on the eighth Brazilectro Session anmong many other well known international artists.

Brazilectro surely counts among the best and most successful compilation series for Latin inspired grooves to date. More than just a term, Brazilectro has become a trademark, constantly reflecting the evolution of a very important musical genre throughout it’s beautiful and inspiring years of existence. Session 8 once again adds to the great image of the series and provides yet another top notch collection of only the finest grooves for fans, lovers and those in-the-know alike. Some of the world’s leading producers and DJs contributed 26 cherry picked tracks, including seven previously unreleased gems and quite a string of insider faves previously only available on vinyl. (more…)

BOTY 2005Since the first Battle Of The Year (BOTY) has taken place in 1990, the annual breathtaking competition of international dance formations has become THE world championship of breakdance. In 2005, more than 400 crews with more than 3.000 dancers took part in 26 official elimination contests worldwide to qualify for the final battle in Braunschweig, Germany.

To transport the diversity of the competition, the BOTY soundtrack includes various artists and styles: from classical Funk with live instruments to Oldschool Hip Hop with an electronic touch and modern House/Disco grooves. (more…)

Turnaround Beats

| April 14th, 2004 | posted in DJ Mix

Turnaround Beats

This is an old DJ-Mix I recently found on an old tape. I remember listen to it in my old car a lot. Mixing skills weren’t on high level back then but I still like the track selection. It has a jazzy tip on every tune. I still like to listen to Hip Hop Instrumentals / beatmaker stuff.

There are one or two reel distortions on the tape – since the tape itself is old and got played a lot, but it’s not really disturbing in my eyes – gives you an authentic tape feeling… I also gave a little EQing and compression to the mix – so, bass and loudness should be fine now.

So, no matter if you are in the office at work, having a lazy afternoon or chillin’ late at night – hope you enjoy the Mix.

Peace, Mr. Confuse (more…)