Mr. Confuse - Only A Man
Mr. Confuse - Only A Man
Mr. Confuse - Do You Realize
Mr. Confuse - Do You Realize
Mr. Confuse - Feel The Fire
Mr. Confuse - Feel The Fire
Mr. Confuse - Feel The Fire - The Remixes
Mr. Confuse - Feel The Fire - The Remixes
Mr. Confuse - Feel The Fire - Live
Mr. Confuse - Feel The Fire - Live
Mr. Konfuze & Lunatic - On The Beatbox
Mr. Konfuze & Lunatic - On The Beatbox

The Soul Revolution Vol. 3

| May 10th, 2013 | posted in Compilations

The Soul Revolution Vol 3 feat Mr Confuse - En Movimiento (Una Mas Trio Remix) - CoverThe Soul Revolution Vol. 3

This compilation of the french label Soulab Records features Mr. Confuse – En Movimiento (Una Mas Trio Remix) a long side many other soulful tunes by Allen Hoist, LA Mitchell, Prosper, Azaxx, Uptown Funk Empire and many more… (more…)

Ambient Lounge Vol. 16

| March 8th, 2013 | posted in Compilations

Ambient Lounge Vol. 16 featuring Mr Confuse - Cool Smooth WatersAmbient Lounge Vol. 16

Perfect music for relaxin’ and chillin’ – features Mr. Confuse feat. Elaine Thomas – Cool Smooth Waters a long side many other ambient tunes by such artists as Hildegard Knef, Boy George, Fritz Kalkbrenner, Ian Pooley and many more… (more…)

FotoWeek DC 2012

| November 10th, 2012 | posted in Compilations | Remixes

FotoWeek DC feat. Karthala 72 - Triomphe Dieu De La Mer (Mr Confuse Remix) Cover Front FotoWeek DC 2012 music collection compiled by G-Flux featuring Karthala 72 – Triomphe Dieu De La Mer (Mr Confuse Remix).

The CD was available on the FotoWeek DC 2012 opening party on Saturday November 10th.

FotoDC’s mission is to provide exposure for photographers and to make diverse, high-quality photography accessible to audiences through the exhibition of inspiring and provocative images, dynamic programming, and collaborations with the local and international community. (more…)

Soul Jazz Cafe

| December 21st, 2011 | posted in Compilations

Soul Jazz Records - Compilation faet. Mr. Confuse "Catch Me" Soul Jazz Café – compilation on Rambling records Japan featuring Mr. Confuse ‘Catch Me’ feat. Dan Salem.

From the original liner notes:



Imóvel (Rephrase Remix) got compiled on Top Model Runway Vol. 4. A two CD release of a popular fashion/music compilation series. It also features tracks of Morcheeba, Bob Sinclar, Parov Stelar, Louie Vega, Mon and many other artists.

Going on the runway and doing your ‘own’ little catwalk? With this compilation, you have the right music for doing so. You could even imagine all those models running through the catwalk, shaking their hips. (more…)

The Arrrgh Theme on Beach Chill

| July 30th, 2010 | posted in Compilations

A Sundrenched Selection Of Downtempo Beats

BEACH CHILL – that  concept nails it to the point: Relaxing and impressive listening pleasure for the hours at the beach or the time in the summer garden. This double CD presents the best artists and producers of the ambient- and lounge-surrounding. If Mo’Horizons, Afterlife, Mr. Confuse or Jazzanova – the top artitsts of this genre are covered with their most atmospheric and most relaxing songs.  A classy pleasure for the sins …
And perfectly harmonized to sun, beach and sea … (more…)

Vapiano is a restaurant/bar which has locations around the world, originating in Germany.  The name Vapiano comes from the Italian proverb: Chi va piano va sano e va lontano (people with a relaxed attitude live a long and healthy life).
Mr. Confuse’s track En Movimiento (Una Mas Trio Remix) is included on the 8th Vapiano Compilation – Vapiano Vibes VII. (more…)

Summer Lounge - cover

Summer Lounge


Space Kelly – Leaving On A Jetplaine
Timax – Stay With Me
Mr. Confuse – En Movimiento (Una Mas Trio Remix)
Torpedo Boyz – The Next Station Is: Shibuya
JetTricks – Lose You
Rivera Rotation – On The Beach
Timax – Cote D’Azur Theme
Flamingo Star – Only Dancing
Torpedo Boyz – Start Being Nicer
Lucky Loop – Ensolarado
JetTricks – We Are One
Lucky Loop – Betterdays
Rivera Rotation – Electric Float
Thomas Vitali – Summer Lounge Mixed (DJ Mix) (more…)

The Arrrgh Theme on Homezone

| February 26th, 2010 | posted in Compilations

Home Zone – relaxed ambient and chill out tunes Vol. 1



CD 2
01. Stereo Mutants – I Wanna Go (Afterlife Remix)
02. Hardsoul – Back Together (Mad Mark’s Half Tempo Mix)
03. Marc Evans – The Way U Love Me (MuthaFunkin’ Soul Mix)
04. Espresso Del Lago – Yet Seen
05. Blue Chakra – It Was The Sweetest Thing (Lounge Mix)
06. The Space Brothers – Beyond The Sun
07. Lustral – The Price We Pay For Love
08. Re-United – Sun Is Shining (Out Of Sight Remix)
09. The New Mastersounds – Forgiveness
10. Mr. Confuse – The Arrrgh Theme (more…)

Mr. Confuse - The Groove Merchant (The Uptown Felaz Remix)

The Groove Merchant (TUF Remix)

This new Shiftin’ Gears 12″ features four great dancefloor oriented remixes by label owners The Uptown Felaz! Popular local (Irie Maffia, Kerekes Band) & international artist’s (Mr. Confuse, Kokolo) tunes were rethought by the band, the musical style is the usual funkbreak spiced with some world music & breakbeat.

The second track remixed on side A is The Groove Merchant, a great funk track by german artist Mr. Confuse. Already released digitally on his remix album (Feel The Fire – The Remixes – LEGO018) but thanks to the enormous number of downloads the label was kind enough to allow us to release this rework on vinyl as well! (more…)